Various Ways of Restarting Docker Containers

When running docker containers, it’s important to be aware that both the container and server can crash at any time. When either of these events occur, containers are not automatically brought back up. If running Docker on a single host, the –restart flag can be passed in as an option to the docker run command. docker run --restart=always image This should cause the container to restart when a crash happens. If running docker in a swarm cluster, there is a new experimental feature in Docker Swarm 1.1 that will rebalance containers. »

The Debonair Stack - Part 1 : Introduction

“A debonair must know the entire stack.” - wise man. A software stack is quite an abstract thought. You can think of it as a set of programs that work together to produce an end result. For example, the end result of this, is a website. Whatever components are needed for this website to run are what make up its stack. In this case, the stack consists of Ghost, node.js, and docker. »